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Our successes


Publication of the HOP White Paper. Numerous measures proposed by HOP in the anti-waste law and obtention of multiple commitments in favor of product sustainability.


Media blog launched to explore all social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability linked to our experts committee.


Organization of the annual HOP conference and intervention in 63 events in France and abroad, reaching over 4,500 people.

We need your help to implement our projects

Legal actions

Help us finance our legal actions against the penal offence of planned obsolescence and corporate abuses. We defend your rights thanks to our legal and technical experts.


Support the experts committee: a group of specialists who produce knowledge on the lifespan of products.

Club of Businesses for durability

Support the network of companies that commit to durable and repairable products rather than a throwaway culture.

Awareness campaigns

Contribute to the dissemination of the information kit and the art exhibition « Inusable ». Let us inform citizens and young people on obsolescence, its impacts and individual solutions.


Help us influence laws and public policies at the French and European level, to move towards more durable and repairable products.


Contribute to spreading the cause beyond French and European borders, to support a global movement of citizens for durability.